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Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure specializes in the innovative planning and production of riding tracks, bicycle parks and skate parks.
Our company’s goal is to improve and diversify the variety of trails and infrastructure available for the Israeli public. The company develops and innovates its products for both the Israeli and the international markets, while remaining uncompromising on quality and professionalism, alongside fun, pleasure and safety for users.

Mountain Goat, founded in 2003, was the first company established by the Professional School for technical riding in Israel.

Between the years 2004-2010, the company led productions, events and professional competitions which have become milestones in the bicycle industry.
Our technical staff consists of Warren Pryer and Boaz Goren, two of Israel’s leading trails planners and builders. The team specializes in the planning and building of infrastructure for all types of riding, and is certified by IMBA, the Israeli Cycling Association, Wingate Institute, the Jewish National Fund and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.

Our company focuses on professionalism and is closely involved in every aspect of the project, from field trips and concept development, through professional architectural design, and into work completion, professional accompaniment, supervision and maintenance.

  • Our company is ISO 9001 certified by the Standards Institution of Israel.
  • Our projects are recognized by MASHCAL and by the Israel Government Tourist Corporation and are sponsored by the of Toto Winner.
  • Our company is the exclusive Israeli importer of Rhino-Ramps.
  • Our company is a provider for the Israel Ministry of Defense.


Among our clients are local authorities such as,


  • Or Yehuda
  • Herzelia
  • Haifa
  • Kfar Yona
  • Kfar Sava
  • Karmiel
  • Akko
  • Rosh HaAin
  • Beit Arye
  • Har Adar
  • Tivon
  • Katzrin
  • Rehasim
  • HaGilboa Regional Council
  • Megido
  • Merhavim Regional Council
  • The Israel Cycling Federation
  • The Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers
  • The Ministry of Defense
  • The Jewish National Fund
  • The Israel Nature and Parks Authority
  • Y.S. Gat Ltd and Samar Bike

The Team

  • Boaz Goren

    Founder and CEO

    Boaz grew up in the coastal Kibbutz HaHotrim into a life of extreme sports, back in the days when the term ‘extreme’ was in its infancy. Hobbies such as cycling, skateboarding and surfing became a way of life. After years of being passionately involved in these sports, Boaz founded the first “Mountain Goat” school for MTB riding, produced and managed some of the most prominent cycling events in the industry such as Desert Challenge, Volvo Challenge, and more. Boaz competed in mountain biking (DH and XC), triathlons and skydiving. Among his achievements is the title of Israeli Champion and 4th in world skydiving Championship.

  • Warren Pryer

    Project Manager

    Warren grew up in South Africa before moving to Kibbutz Ein Carmel where he still resides today. Warren is a pioneer (in every sense of the word) in the field of designing and building bike trails in Israel, a talented designer and builder with over 20 years’ experience in building single tracks. Warren is the “father” of Ofer Forest where he built one of the finest single tracks in the industry. Warren is highly experienced in international competitions such as Israeli MTB competitions, the 2010 Europe Championship, Desert Challenge, Volvo Challenge, and more. Warren leads our company’s cycle track projects with great skill and is responsible for designing and manufacturing many of Israel’s most known tracks, such as the Naftali Mountains Forest single track, Katzrin Single Track Loop, Tzahal Forest in Karmiel, Hagit Single Track Loop, the New Ein HaShofet-HaZore’a Single Track, Tzivei HaRamon Single Track and more.

  • Nimrod Tzur

    Project Manager

    Nimrod grew up and still resides in Kibbutz Ein Carmel and is a mountain biking and sailing enthusiast. Nimrod manages projects in the field of cycle parks and wheel parks owing to his natural talent and vast technical knowledge. He holds a degree in Computing & Control Engineering from Ruppin College as well as two good hands which have contributed greatly to developing technical engineering solutions and product design processes in the company.

  • Keren Ben Giat

    Office Manager

    Keren, who holds a degree in management, economics and project management, came to our office from Intel, and administers our company’s office with her signature professionalism and calm. She is married to Sagiv and mother to Nitai. Keren likes nature, hiking and fine wine.

  • Dor Sharir

    Project Manager

    Dor Sharir, the youngest of the bunch, grew up and still lives in Kibbutz Ein Carmel. He specializes in building single tracks and pump tracks and has a lot of professional and practical experience in setting them up. He enjoys brewed coffee, Camel cigarettes and quality whisky, and insists on high standards and esthetics.


Mountain Goat was founded in 2003 by Nimrod Cohen, Warren Pryer and Boaz Goren as a school for technical riding, the first of its kind in Israel. The school specialized in instruction courses for mountain biking at all levels and its instructors were some of Israel’s best riders. Between the years 2004-2010 the company was a leader in the field of producing some of the industry’s highest standard biking events and competitions, including collaboration with the Israeli Cycling Association and other professional groups. Among the most prominent annual events were Volvo Challenge, Desert Challenge, Red Bull Israel extreme sports competitions, and other various competitions and events.


In 2010 Mountain Goat - Riding Infrastructure was founded, specializing in the innovative planning and executing of riding trails, bike parks and skate parks. The company’s vision is to improve and diversify the variety of trails and infrastructure available for the Israeli public. Our company develops and innovates its products for both the Israeli and the international markets while remaining uncompromising on quality and professionalism, alongside the fun, pleasure and safety for users.

Contact Info    Phone. +972-4-9840369    Fax. +972-4-8302423    Kibbutz Hahotrim 30870, Israel