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Karmiel Pump Track

Shmuel Sade, Manager of Infrastructure Department and Vice-President of Engineering

Har Adar Skate Park

Kobi Levi, Architect, Council Engineer

JNF Upper Galilee Pump Track and Single Track

Aviram Zuk, JNF Manager for Upper Galilee & Golan

Kfar Yona Skate Park

Beni Sa’ad, Manager of the Kfar Yona Economic Company

Beit Arye Skate Park

Avi Naim, Head of Council

Rosh Ha’Ain Skate Park and Pump Track

Arie Galberg, City Engineer

Ma’ayan Harod Pump Track

Shlomi Granov, Head of Environment and Scenery Department

“Yefe Nof” Company Single Track

Hanoch Borger, Agronomic Advisor to the “Yefe Nof” Company

Cycling Federation Haifa Single Track

Emilio Roitman, General Manager, Israel Cycling Federation


Ein HaShofet-HaZore’a Single Track

We:Ride, January 2015


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Municipal Corporations Association Magazine, January 2014

Pump Track Ha’aretz

interval, March 2012

“In Herzliya I Witnessed the Israeli Pump Track”

MBA Israel, February 2012

“Riding Around”

Yedioth Ahronoth, October 2011

“First Taste Riding the Herzliya Pumptrack”

BIKEPANEL, August 2011

“A Party for Pedalers”

Menta, November 2011

“The Adventures of the Goat in the Trails of Babylon”

Ofanaim, April 2010

“Rishon LeZion Rides on Two wheels”

Local, May 2010

“Rishon LeZion Cycle Track Underway”

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“Rishon LeZion Cycle Empire”

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Interview with Boaz Goren

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