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Mountain Goat LTD -  cycling infrastructure specializes in designing and building of advanced pumptracks, skateparks and bike trails.

One of the company’s main goals is to broaden and improve the supply of tracks and infrastructure currently offered to the public in Israel.

The company seeks to innovate and develop new products while keeping a high standard of safety and quality, alongside fun for its users.


Mountain Goat, founded in 2003, was the first company to establish a Professional School for technical riding in Israel.

Between the years 2004-2010, the company led productions, events and professional competitions which have become milestones in the bicycle industry.


Between 2010-2020 Mountain goat designed, planned and built MountainBike trails for JNF, Israel Nature and Parks Authority and other official bodies. Among out projects are some of Israel’s most attractive and well-known trails: Hof-Hacarmel single track, Ha’Shloha single track in ya’ar Ofer, Ein Ha’Shofet - Ha’Zorea single track, Hanita - Matzuba single track and many more.


The team specializes in planning and building of pumptracks, skateparks and bike trails that are adjusted to all types and levels of riding and skating.

Our team is certified by IMBA, the Israeli Cycling Association, Wingate Institute, JNF  and the Israel Nature and Parks Authority.


  • Our company focuses on professionalism and is closely involved in every aspect of the project, from concept development, through professional architectural design, and into work completion, professional accompaniment, supervision and maintenance.
  • Our projects are recognized by the Local Government Economic Services Ltd., the official Israel Construction Price list, and by the ministry of construction and housing. Our projects are often funded by the ministry of culture and sport, ministry of agriculture and rural development, ministry of development of the Negev and the Galilee, Israel’s State Lottery, and JNF.
  • Our company is the Exclusive representative of Velosolutions in Israel.
  • Our company is the exclusive Israeli importer of Rhino-Ramps.
  • Our company is the exclusive Israeli importer of “street bond” pavement coatings by GAF
  • Our company is a provider for the Israel Ministry of Defense.


  • Tel Aviv
  • Raman Gan
  • Ra’anana
  • Kfar Saba
  • Herzeliya
  • Rishon Le’zion
  • Holon
  • Or Yehuda
  • Petah Tikva
  • Rosy Ha’Ayin
  • Ariel
  • Natanya
  • Haifa
  • Karmiel
  • Kfar Yona
  • Sderot
  • Netivot
  • Regional Councils
  • Local Councils
  • Kibbutzim
  • Moshavim
  • JNF
  • Israel Air Force Association
  • Israel Cycling Federation
  • Bartali – Youth In Movement (NGO)


Mountain Goat was founded in 2003 by Nimrod Cohen, Warren Pryer and Boaz Goren as a school for technical riding, the first of its kind in Israel. The school specialized in instruction courses for mountain biking at all levels and its instructors were some of Israel’s best riders. Between the years 2004-2010 the company was a leader in the field of producing some of the industry’s highest standard biking events and competitions, including collaboration with the Israeli Cycling Association and other professional groups. Among the most prominent annual events were Volvo Challenge, Desert Challenge, Red Bull Israel extreme sports competitions, and other various competitions and events.


In 2010 Mountain Goat - Riding Infrastructure was founded, specializing in the innovative planning and executing of riding trails, bike parks and skate parks. The company’s vision is to improve and diversify the variety of trails and infrastructure available for the Israeli public. Our company develops and innovates its products for both the Israeli and the international markets while remaining uncompromising on quality and professionalism, alongside the fun, pleasure and safety for users.

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