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The start of the blue loop is at the entrance to Kibbutz Ein HaShofet and the start of the yellow loop is at HaHaruvim parking area. It is also possible to start at the “Three Wishes” at the entrance to Kibbutz HaZore’a. The entire length of the track can be ridden in one go, or each loop can be ridden separately.

The tracks were designed by Warren Pryer, who also closely accompanied the construction. The design was envisioned with a wide variety of riders in mind, such as those who normally abstain from riding single tracks due to their technical complexity. The single tracks were built with this in mind, focusing on flow and speed maintenance with no complex technical elements. The result is a fun and flowing riding loop suitable for mountain bikers at all levels.

Design and Supervision: Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure, Lotan Landscaping

Delivery: Contractor Hassan Shhada.

Ein Hashofet Single Track

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