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Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure possesses many years’ experience designing and building single tracks. After years of riding and participating in the Israeli cycling world, the company team has gathered practical experience in all aspects of planning and designing bicycle tracks. From the preliminary field scouting and concept design with the client, and onto developing a plan and different alternatives with the insight of knowing the terrain and maximal adaption to industry developments from within Israel and across the globe.



Throughout the years, Warren Pryer has become one of the leading and well-known trail designers in Israel, and he leads our company’s bicycle path projects with great talent and experience. Warren has a unique overview of the terrain, with which he analyzes the topography and thereby plots the tracks and trails which he will be marking and building later on.


Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure supervises and accompanies the trail-building teams who work on behalf of the JNF, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Israel Bicycle Trail, as well as local authorities with open and forested spaces.




Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure designs, supervises and delivers many trails and paths including XC competition trails such as the Israel Cycling Association championships, the 2010 European Championship held in Haifa, as well as famous mountain biking tracks such as the Naftali Mountains single track, Katzrin Single Track Loop, Tzahal Forest single track in Karmiel, the Ein HaShofet-HaZore’a Single Track, Hagit Single Track Loop, Tzivei HaRamon Single Track in Makhtesh Ramon, HaBesor Stream Single Track, Tiv’on Single Track Loop and more.


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