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In the small town of Rehasim, a first of its kind Kids Wheel Park has been constructed. This is an innovative riding park developed and designed by Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure – the park was planned and designed for riding on rollerblades, standard skateboards, Carver skateboards, bicycles, kick scooters and even toddler cars.  

The park is designed for teenagers, children and also toddlers.

These skating parks are inherently different from other parks in the world, and they feature a variable, circular and flowing topography. The surface is designed using different colors and shades that differentiate the lanes.

Kids Wheel Park areas are designed on small surfaces ranging from between 250 to 500 square meters. These are eye pleasing and aesthetic riding surfaces made of advanced materials and unique coating developed specifically to adapt to this use.

Design: Lotan Landscaping, Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure.

Delivery: Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure

Rehasim Kids Wheel Park

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