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Netanya Pumptrack

New edit from Netanya PumpTrack, riders fly on the new fast and flowy track.

Ashqelon Carver Park

Sansana WheelPark

Ariel PumpTrack

Beit Arye Pump Track opening event

The opening event of the Beit Arye new Pump Track that was built In early July 2015 ,Mr. Avi Naim the Beit Arye head of Council cut the ribbon over the new track and the party started ! The video shows Pro riders flying on the track literally !

The Urban Bike park

A film produced by architects Tal and Erez Lotan for the IMBA Bicycle Tourism Conference. The film was shown as part of a presentation about bicycle parks in Israel. During the conference - which was held in Colorado, USA – different design and construction concepts of bicycle parks across the world were shown, as well as advanced building and material methods, funding avenues, and more.

Kfar Sava Pump Track

During the 2013 Sukkot holiday, a particularly successful and packed launch event was held for the pump track at Kfar Sava’s bicycle park. This film includes a brief interview with Boaz Goren from Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure.

Beit Arye Skate Park

The first of its kind Rhino-Ramps skate park was launched at a festive ceremony in Beit Arye. The skate park includes a variety of ramps and modular elements imported from abroad and assembled in place by the Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure team. The event was attended by Beit Arye residents, children and teenagers, as well as skaters Valery Hirin, Or Izbitzki, Noam Be’er and Amit Bahar who gave a professional demonstration! It was both successful and exciting. Clip courtesy of Adrenaline.

Naftali Mountains Single Track

The new JNF single track at Naftali Mountains was launched in the fall of 2013. The single track, which is 23km long, starts from the entrance to Kfar Giladi, heads South along the ridge as a flowing and challenging loop, heads back north through the middle cable car station and onwards to the start point. At the festive launch ceremony produced by the JNF team, Aviram Zuk, the ‘father’ of the project, thanks everyone who helped design and build the single track. Video produced by “BIKEPANEL”.

Team Carver at Kiryat Gat Pump Track

In May 2014 some riders from Team Carver came to ride the Pump Track in Kiryat Gat, one of the fastest and most challenging pump tracks we have ever built. Skaters Ariel Sanin, Omer Shoval and Roni Sheyngard got on the pump track and showed us what they’re made of. Film produced by

Park Herzliya Pump Track

The Herzliya Bicycle Park is the first urban bike park built in Israel. It is a varied park that includes two pump tracks and a circular track containing ten riding skills elements. The film was made during an afternoon riding session and includes some of the industry’s leading riders alongside beginners and young riders. Film produced by Adrenaline

Rhino-Ramps Image Film

An image film for Rhino-Ramps showcasing skate parks built by the company across the world. Rhino-Ramps produces modular ramps for skate parks in over fifty countries.

Katzrin Single Track

At the start of 2014 work was completed on the new cross-Katzrin cycle loop. The loop includes an exit from Katzrin into a trail on the southern part of the town through a series of new single tracks east of Katzrin, passing under Road 9088 heading north, and riding a cool and flowing single track at Katzrin Park. The loop includes single tracks and forest tracks passing through stunning scenery and observation points over the Sea of Galilee and the area. The track is 14km of fun and riding with easy-to-follow signs. The loop was designed by Warren Pryer of Mountain Goat Riding Infrastructure. Video produced by “BIKEPANEL”.

Home and Garden Ramps

A film showing the ease with which Rhino-Ramps can be used for the home and garden. Rhino-Ramps Vert Ramp – A riding/skating session on a huge Rhino-Ramps Vert Ramp built in Latvia.

Vert Ramp Ltvia

Ryan Nyquist in Israel

Ryan Nyquist, Colin Mackay and Allan Cooke traveled to Israel to visit the Haro distributor. They visited the holy city of Jerusalem, The Dead Sea, Galit Park in Tel Aviv and finished with some demo's at a trade show. Filmed and edited by Colin Mackay Additional filming Ryan Nyquist Iggy Pop - The Passenger The John Butler Trio - Ragged Mile

Rishon-LeZion Single Track

The launch event of the cycle track built in the sewage treatment plant area in West Rishon-LeZion

Ma’ayan Harod Pump Track

The launch event of the Ma’ayan Harod Pump Track, the first pump track we built back in the summer of 2009, a breakthrough in the field of track infrastructure and building methods.

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